• M. Manasa Rekha Assistant Professor, Department of Pharmacy Practice, Gautham College of Pharmacy, R.T Nagar, Bangalore, Karnataka, India
  • Shaik Rifath Jahan Department of Pharmacy Practice, Gautham College of Pharmacy, R.T Nagar, Bangalore, Karnataka, India
Keywords: Drug Information Center, Doctor of Pharmacy Professional /Clinical Pharmacist, Prism Graph Pad Software and Poison Information Services.


The Purpose of the Drug Information Center (DIC) is to serve health care professionals throughout India by answering critical questions on drug use and its possible side effects. The DIC routinely responds to inquiries regarding appropriate therapy for specific patients; adverse reactions to drugs; efficacy of drugs; drug interactions; intravenous additive incompatibilities; bio Pharmaceutical and pharmacokinetic parameters of drugs dosing in renal failure appropriate therapy for a disease state, identification of foreign drugs, information on investigational agents and information on new drugs. The purpose of the service is to provide accurate, current and unbiased drug information in the promotion of rational drug therapy. Aim:  To assess the outcomes of Doctor of Pharmacy Professional /Clinical Pharmacist in Drug and Poison Information Services. Objectives: The key objectives of the study includes Drug and Poison Information services for all health care Professionals, Students , Improving and updating the Knowledge of health care Professionals, Improving Patient safety initiatives and Patient health related outcomes, Providing better therapy to the large number of patients and improving the patient health related outcomes. Methodology: Study Design: It is a prospective observational study, Study Period: The Present study was conducted for a period of six months from October 2018 to April 2019, Study Site: The Present study was conducted in Gautham College of Pharmacy, R.T Nagar, Bangalore, Karnataka, India, and ESI hospital, Indiranagar. Source of Data: All the required data was collected from the Annexure-1 - ANNEXURE-1: Drug and Poison Information form and Feed Back Form. Total 380 drug queries were received during the study period from different enquirers, in which 372 Enquirers showed positive Feed Back. Statistical Analysis: Prism Graph Pad Software was used for this study and P-Value is 0.001 which states this present study was highly significant. The present study states that Doctor of Pharmacy Professionals/Clinical Pharmacists  are well expertise in providing and updating the knowledge of health care professionals  which can be very helpful for providing  better patient care .


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