Deepika Perumilla, Meghana Gundre, Shyam Prasad Thirumala, Uhapriya Mandyam


Lateral Medullary Syndrome (LMS) or Wallenberg Syndrome or Posterior Inferior Cerebellar Artery (PICA) Syndrome is a rare prevailing cause of stroke. Varied presentations of LMS such as distortion of speech, orientation and vision is cause for under diagnose of the disease. In our case, we present a 50 year old hypertensive man presenting with loss of consciousness and difficulty in walking. On neurological evaluation he had swaying episodes towards left, blurring of vision with nystagmus, regurgitation of feeds and dysphagia. With this clinical and radiological examination he was diagnosed as a case of Lateral Medullary Syndrome. The patient’s condition improved with symptomatic treatment and was nearly asymptomatic at the time of discharge.

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