Abbas Ghavam, Mahnaz Khanehfarda, Somayeh Hessam


Objective: The emergence of internet and its development has made a lot of changes in every science and industry, medical science is not an exception, and the internet, in addition to the effects it has made on its own development, has also had significant effects on the development and improvement of medical services.

Research method: This research is descriptive-qualitative with a phenomenological approach, which has been carried out in 2017 at Bandar Abbas Social Security Hospital (Persian Gulf). The information has been collected through a semi-structured interview with nine hospital staff.

Results: The maxqud10 software was used to encode the collected data. As a result, 76 codes have been extracted out of two main components of management and human resource factors affecting on the establishment of telemedicine, which have been grouped into eight main categories.

Discussion and conclusion: The results of this research can be used to identify managerial and human resource barriers in organizational planning for healthcare organizations.
Keywords: remote treatment - telemedicine - challenges of telemedicine establishment  - remote medicine

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