Abbas Yazdanpanah, Masoud Karimi, Hassan Ghiyasi



Medicines are the most important and common method of diseases treatment all over the world and they designate a great part of health costs. Using treatment standard guidelines is one of the most important strategies of rationalizing medicines consumption. This study investigates the impact of using clinical standard guidelines on the consumption rate of Pantoprazole.


In this study, which was conducted by the method of designing interrupted time-series in Shiraz ShahidFaghihi Hospital, the rate of consuming medicine from one year before impartment of clinical standard guideline to three month after its implementation ( total 48 months) was registered monthly. Changes of medicine consumption rate were analyzed using repeated measure ANOVA and Bonferroni post hoc test using SPSS 21 software and in significance level of 0.05.


The rate of consumption of Pantoprazole during four years study (the year before guideline implementation and three years after guideline implementation) showed a significant reduction (F=44.91, df=1.59, Pval<0.001). This reduction occured in the first year of implementing the guideline comparing the previous year (Pval< 0.001) and the rate of medicine consumption didn’t show a significant change during the next years.


In sum, it seems that implementing the clinical standard guideline has been able to significantly reduce the consumption rate of Pantoprazole in the hospital. Though, it is suggested that broader studies in longer time periods is performed in this field by comparing various hospitals.

Keywords: intradermal pantoprazole, clinical standard guideline, hospital

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