Lisna Gianti, Resmi Mustarichie, Ade Zuhrotun


Background: Erythrina variegata plant has properties to cure various diseases including effective as antidiabetic, cardiac depressant, anticovulsant, antimalarial, analgesic and anti-inflammatory. Erythrina Variegata contains alkaloids, flavonoids, triterpenoids and lectins. As well as containing the compounds of the isoflavone derivative Genistein which can prevent osteoporosis. The new isoflavonoid compounds, namely Eryvarins V, W and X from the extract of E. variegata root as a potential antibacterial. Ethanol extract of leaves and E. variegata water fraction with a concentration of 10% can significantly nourish hair. This article covers phytochemical aspects and pharmacological characteristics of the E. variegate plant as an attempt to further research. Conclusions: From the results of the research pharmacologically, compounds that are effective as anti-alopecia have not been found so it is necessary to identify compounds in Erythrina variegata which are effective as anti-alopecia.

Keyword: Erythrina Variegata, Antialopecia, Fabaceae

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