• Mounika Reddy Lecturer,Department of pharmaceutics, Gautham College of pharmacy, Bengaluru
  • Mohit Kumar Department of pharmaceutics, Gautham College of pharmacy, Bengaluru
  • Kishor M.R Department of pharmaceutics, Gautham College of pharmacy, Bengaluru
  • Sanjit Department of pharmaceutics, Gautham College of pharmacy, Bengaluru
  • Abishek Pandey Department of pharmaceutics, Gautham College of pharmacy, Bengaluru
Keywords: Antibodies, Hormones, Hybridoma Technology, Chromatography.


Objective: The present review focus on biotechnology medicines, therapeutic agents obtained from genes, recombinant DNA, developments in protein drug delivery, regulatory aspects of biotechnology-based pharmaceuticals, formulation approaches to protein stabilization, methods used to evaluate protein pharmaceuticals, Production of Biopharmaceuticals from Recombinant DNA Technology. Conclusion: For treatment of disease, therapeutic agents are derived from biotechnology have been approved for human use. Recombinant protein products are developing as a part of pharmaceutical development. The advancement in technology mapping or the genome, explosive growth of the targets identified.


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