Study on Prescribing pattern of Antibiotics in Pediatric Outpatients in Southern India

  • Anitha Professor
  • Hafsa Shireen Student
  • Hafsa Alavi Student
  • Mariam Junaidi Student
  • Samra Kauser Student
  • Asfiya Siddique Student
Keywords: Keywords: Pediatric, prescribing pattern, antibiotics, generic names, polypharmacy


Background: Children constitute the major part of our society and cannot be neglected. They tend to suffer more illness compared with adults and elderly. Most of their illness is treated using antibiotics. Hence, it is essential that the antibiotic prescribing pattern to be evaluated periodically. Aim and Objective: To evaluate the pattern of prescribing antibiotics in Pediatric outpatients in Southern India. Materials and Methods: A period of three months study was carried out and 150 prescriptions of pediatrics patients were collected from different clinics and hospitals at Hyderabad, India. A descriptive statistical analysis of the data was done.  Results: A total of 150 prescriptions were collected. Most of them were between 1-7 years of age. Most of the antibiotics prescribed were in the oral dosage form and 93.54% antibiotics were prescribed under their brand names. 1% of antibiotics were administered once in a day. Most of the antibiotics were prescribed for a period of 3 days. Conclusion: Antibiotic prescribing in children is somewhat high in Hyderabad. Aminoglycoside and Chloramphenicol were least prescribed. This may be considered as an effort to improve the quality of health care. On the other hand polypharmacy is seen which should be avoided. Rational use of drugs and knowledge about guidelines for treatment and prevention of common diseases in pediatric population through education is recommended.




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