• Keerthika S
Keywords: bizygomatic width, anterior teeth selection,ring finger, Index finger, measurements.


Background: Esthetic appearance of the maxillary anterior teeth to large extent influences facial aesthetics .In case of partially or completely edentulous dentition or implant supported prosthesis determining length of the maxillary central incisors is quite challenging due to consideration of aesthetic factors such as available interocclusal space, amount of the tooth that should be visible and that which should not be.

Aim : Evaluation of correlation between bizygomatic width and nail size size as a guide in teeth selection.

Materials and methods : Twenty subjects were selected for the study. Measurement of cervical incisal height of maxillary central Incisors.Mesiodistal dimension of maxillary central Incisors was measured at its greatest diameter with divider and ruler.Length and width of maxillary central incisor assessed by using Berry’s and H pound formula for teeth selection was used as standard reference values.

Results: The mean of length of the Index finger length in 0.99 and index finger width is 0.95. The mean of length and width of ring finger is 1.02 and 1.05 respectively. Table 1 shows correlation between index finger nail width and mesiodistal dimension of maxillary central Incisors with p value (0.0479) which is statistically significant. Table 2 shows correlation between ring finger nail width and mesiodistal dimension of maxillary central Incisors with p value (0.6941) which is statistically insignificant.

Conclusion : In anthropometric system of teeth selection various anatomical entities such as  Maxillomandibular Relations, Contour of the Residual Ridge, Vertical distance Between the Ridges,lips etc which are used as guides to select  teeth ,finger nail size can also be used as a guide for teeth selection. Also variation in  correlation between nail size and bizygomatic width among various population can be assessed.From our point of view, to achieve high degree of accuracy , large sample size of participant from different ethnic group can be recruited into the study.



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